Logs tell us important stories, but they also ramble a lot. If we can’t find a log it is as if we didn’t log it.


Why aggregate logs

it’s not as simple as you might assume.

Magento2 Commerce has introduced a while ago a “staging” functionality. This functionality, which on paper is great has a dark secret.

Don’t stuff your e-commerce with all the logic, split it up for stability, performance, security and maintainability.

Pixabay — Idea

Magento has been the reference for making an e-commerce website. But things change

The reasons

1 — Native bugs

Magento 2 has a lot of bugs, in the CE and the EE edition. This can easily bee seen in their GitHub

Maintenance 102

An application that logs properly will make maintenance easier.

  • have user user-friendly messages displayed for your users.
  • have all the details for easy troubleshooting.

What to Log & How to Log

To decide what needs to be logged, we must first decide why we…

Maintainability 101

Let’s see together why it’s important and how it can change the way you code.

try {
} catch (\Exception $exception) {
return new JsonResponse(['message' => $exception->getMessage()], 500);

  • relatively fast
  • easy to deploy;
  • not xsd for xml’s
  • no…

Oliver de Cramer

Passionate web developer. Symfony lover. Writing as a hobby. Sad Magento 2 developer

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