Logs tell us important stories, but they also ramble a lot. If we can’t find a log it is as if we didn’t log it.

In my last 2 articles about maintenance, we have talked about properly handling exceptions and how to log properly. Both subjects are simple enough, but done improperly will make our application unmaintainable.

In this article, I won’t explain how to configure these log aggregation and analysis tool. We rather are…

Magento has been the reference for making an e-commerce website. But things change

Those who know me know very well that I don’t like much Magento. I have been working with Magento1 for the last 6 years and worked on Magento2 websites since it was published.

In my opinion, there are multiple technical reasons why Magento2 is a failure, and I have written…

Maintenance 102

An application that logs properly will make maintenance easier.

In the first chapter, we saw how to handle exceptions and how to log them to:

  • not leak sensitive data to the user.
  • have user user-friendly messages displayed for your users.
  • have all the details for easy troubleshooting.

In this second article, we will see what needs to be logged…

Maintainability 101

Let’s see together why it’s important and how it can change the way you code.

This is an article I wrote a few years ago on my personal blog after stumbling on a Pull Request that was accepted on Akeneo. I wanted to revisit this article, as I still see this error often in code I review and even in software I use. …

Oliver de Cramer

Passionate web developer. Symfony lover. Writing as a hobby. Sad Magento 2 developer

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